Personal Biography and
Testimony of Max Harmon


  2. ·         Approved as a Baptist Bible Fellowship Missionary in 1982

  3. ·         Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO) B.A. degree 1976

  4. ·         Perryton (Texas) High School graduate 1972

  5. When I was 9 years old, I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour. My Sunday School teacher led me to the Lord after S.S. class.  

  6. At the age of 16, I decided to follow the Lord in baptism in the Fellowship Baptist Church where Bro. Bill Frerking was pastoring.  In the following months I became very faithful to all the services and felt God dealing with me to prepare for full time service. After battling His leadership a couple of months I surrendered.

  7. I entered Baptist Bible College majoring in missions at the age of 17. I chose missions so that I would not need to return to study no matter what area of the ministry I felt led to enter. I did not know God's will for my life other than I needed to prepare to serve. I stayed the fourth year and got my B.A. only because no one offered me a job after my third year; being only 20 years old I did not know what else to do. Before I graduated with my B.A. I was asked to return to my home church to do missionary internship for one year. (My major was missions) I still had no idea to what field (if any) I was to go even after I had stayed 6 months more than we agreed. I had no leading to a specific field. I was offered a permanent position at the Perryton church, but could not get peace about it. I felt if I was to be a missionary I needed pastoral experience so I began looking for available churches. Being only 23 years old, I accepted my first church in Illinois. I pastored there for almost 5 years.

  8. I had planned to serve a year or two and then surely God would reveal to me what field I should go to. I had no plans nor desire to stay long with those Yankees who talked so differently! Finally, I surrendered to stay there the rest of my life if that is what God wanted, I really meant it. It was then that God allowed me to visit Perú as a pastor with the sole intent to learn more about missions and missionaries in order to be a better supporting pastor.

  9. God used that trip to touch my heart for the field of Perú. I fought the Lord for one year arguing that I would be more effective as a pastor in the USA. Finally I let the church know of my internal struggle and resigned. I stayed until a new pastor was called and then moved back to Perryton. I then worked in the oil field for a couple of months until I was officially approved as a BBFI missionary in May of 1982. After an eleven month deputation we were off to language study in Mexico for one year.

  10. Experience and Qualifications

  11. ·         Associate pastor to W. A. Frerking, 1½ years (Perryton, TX)

  12. ·         Pastor, First Baptist Church, Geneseo, IL, 4+ years

  13. ·         Deputation of only 11 months on the road with very few open dates

  14. ·         One year of language study in Queretaro, Mexico; Georgia Webb, director & founder

  15. ·         Married July 12, 1974

  16. ·         Three children: daughter, Dionne (married); son, Cade; and daughter, Shay (also married) and now 5 grandchildren Blake, Adam, Audrey , Josiah, &Taylor.

  17. Work in Perú since 1984 (click here for map of details)

  18. ·         Started church in Paramonga (3 hours north of Lima)

  19. ·         Helped start work in Piura (Castilla) North Perú

  20. ·         Started work in "Virgen del Sol" Lima -- September 1994 Iglesia Biblica Bautista de los Alisos

  21. ·         Pastored churches in Peralvillo, Pro, Huaraz (co-pastor), and Ingeneria

  22. ·         Helped in missions of Yungar (near Huaraz), Matara, Choque (Near Puente Piedra), Santa Rosa, Tupac Amara de Villa (Delicias)

  23. ·         Attended as a missionary member of churches in San Borja, Pro (both in Lima), Huaraz (Andes), and Centro Biblico Bautista in Villa Salvador (southern Lima)

  24. ·         Used the BBFI "Missionary Projects Offering" (MPO) revolving fund for church projects in Perú to:

    1. o   Roof the Pro church    REPAID

    2. o   Buy land in Huaraz      REPAID

    3. o   Buy land in San Borja  REPAID who have since sold the land purchase.

    4. o   Build in Paramonga

    5. o   Repair in Villa Salvador

    6. o   Build in Condor now: Iglesia Bíblica Bautista del Callao

  1. Organized works in Santa Velita (near Pulcalpa) and Cerro de Pasco

  2. ·         Started and organized a mission in Gorgor (Cajatambo); closed because of terrorism

  3. ·         Numerous missions trips and preaching engagements as well as summer church camps & retreats

  4. ·         Professor at Seminario Biblico Bautista (Chillon), Lima, Perú; taught various courses in both day and night schools.

  5. ·         Since 1998:

  1. o   Helped in rescuing Central Bible Baptist Church in Villa Salvador from doctrinal problems.

  2. o   My wife and I are also founding board members for an orphanage in Lima & Bible college professors and served there for many years

  3. o   We were also Bible college professors in local church institutes.

  4. ·         My wife, Debbie:

  5. o   Was a founding board member of a crisis pregnancy center in Lima.

  6. o   English teacher at John the Baptist University in Lima, a secular liberal arts school.

  7. o   Professor at Baptist Bible College of Lima (Seminario Biblico Bautista)

  8. o   Always active in Sunday Schools and supplying teaching materials to other churches.

  9. o   Active in translating materials for churches in Perú.

  10. o   Always active in founding and directing ladies groups in local churches.

  1. Other Items Helpful in My Christian Growth

  2. ·         Sword of the Lord Conferences in the USA & one Hyles pastors school

  3. ·         Seminars by Bill Gothard, Basic-Advanced-Pastors

  4. ·         My wife's books and love for reading

  5. ·         Contact with so many supporting churches' pastors + others

  6. ·         BBFI (MOM) missions retreats in Colorado and Arkansas

  7. ·         Teaching "Through the Bible in One Year" by Alan Stringfield

  8. ·         Contact with other missionaries (BBF and other groups)

  9. ·         Baptist Bible Fellowship Missionary Retreats

  10. ·         Goal of reading the entire Bible each year (I've read it a number of times, cover to cover, in English and Spanish.)

  11. La Molina

  12. Since 1998:

  13. Founded a spiritual counseling office on John the Baptist University Campus (2,000+ students) which functioned for 2 years.

  14. Lima Home Bible Studies with businessmen and political officials result is new mission work in La Molina.  Click here for a photo of our anniversary Sunday with over 100 in attendance.

  15. In 2001 established a Perúvian based interest free revolving loan fund, “Project Perú”, to buy land and improve church buildings. Over 75 local churches have benefited many of which have totally repaid their original loans.

  16. From fall of 2004 to Spring of 2008 we worked in Amarillo, Texas with the Hispanics and left a mission functioning on its own with a building and parsonage. We served there as United States Language Group missionaries with the BBFI.

  17. In May of 2008 we returned to Perú still as BBFI missionaries. Since our return we have relocated the La Molina Bible Baptist Church  (Organized 2009), but are still in a rented facility. We have also purchased a BBFI owned apartment in the area of the church congregation where we comfortably live now, with no annual rent increases.

  18. Our Sending Church is and always has been:

  19. Fellowship Baptist Church
    Perryton, Texas
    current pastor: Wes Stevens


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